PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Dual RJ45 Port Network Interface Card, PCI Express x1 Intel 82575 Chipset Server Network Adapter

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NIC-9202PT is a PCI-Express x1 1000Mbps Dual port ethernet network fiber adapter card. The NIC-9202PT adapter card is designed for servers and high-end equipments. NIC-9202PT can realize fault tolerance by bundling group, and the communication from fault port will be routed to the other members.


  • Improved the power solution, use the TI high power management controller, more stable and low heat
  • Optimize designation, improved the distribution line, the strict control for Differential Signal, the error under 5mil
  • Use the 6 layer PCB, double copper thickness, 5OZ heavy gold plate


  • PCI Express x1,compatible with x4,x8,x16
  • Support PCI Express 1.0a (2.5GHz)
  • Support Small From Factor PC, low profile(support 2U,3U case)


  • Gigabit Dual connector
  • Support VMDq
  • Support PCI-Express Base Specification, Rev.1.1RD
  • High-performance,reliable and low memory latency Intel 82575 gigabit ethernet controller, is a compact component with two fully integrated Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC), physical layer (PHY) ports and SerDes interface
  • EEPROM and FLASH, it can be also be used in EEPROMless configurations
  • Increased throughput and lower CPU utilization,avoid PCI-express in jam
  • Hardware accelerate can partial load CUP tasks. Transmit and receive IP, TCP and UDP checksum off-loading
  • Capabilities, Transmit TCP segmentation
  • Reliable,useful Server levels and features
  • Link aggregation and load balancing:
  • 1 decided by switch:802.3ad (LACP),Generic Trunking (GEC/FEC)
  • 2 independent of switch and NIC
  • 3 Failover
  • Support 802.1p layer 2 priority encoding
  • Support802.1q VLAN tagging
  • Jumbo frame 9.5 kByte
  • Support 802.x flow control
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) II statistics,Ethernet like MIB ,Ethernet MIB (802.3z,Clause 30)
  • Link/Active/Speed LED indicate


  • Connector: PCI-Express Base Specification, Rev.1.1RD
  • Size: 168mm X 69mm (6.60 X 2.713 )
  • PCI Express: X4,compatible with x8,x16
  • PCI Express voltage: +3.3V + - 9%
  • IC controller: Intel 82575EB
  • Bracket: Full-height and low profile
  • Humidity Range: 0% – 90%, non-condensing
  • Working temperature: 0 Degrees Celsius– 50 Degrees Celsius
  • Storage temperature: -20 Degrees Celsius– 65 Degrees Celsius

NOS Software Support

  • DOS Novell ODI
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP 32-bit(64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2003 32-bit(64-bit)
  • Windows Vista 32-bit(64-bit)
  • Windows 7 32-bit(64-bit)
  • Windows 8 32-bit(64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 32-bi(64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 32-bit(64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Novell Netware 5.x,6.x
  • Linux 2.4 series kernel and 2.6.x and 3.x
  • FreeBSD 7.x or most of the FreeBSD
  • OS 8 or laster
  • SCO Open Server
  • UnixWare / OpenUnix 8
  • Sun Solaris x86
  • OS Independent