PCIe x8 10G Ethernet Fiber NIC, Mellanox ConnectX-2 Chipset 10GBase-SR/LR Server Network Adapter, Single SFP+ Port

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Clustered databases, web infrastructure, and financial services are just a few applications that will achieve significant throughput and latency improvements resulting in faster access, real-time response and more users per server. The NIC-6801AF-SFP10G improves network performance by increasing available bandwidth while decreasing the associated transport load on the CPU and providing enhanced performance, especially in virtualized server environments. The device is well suited for Blade Server and LAN on Motherboard (LOM) designs due to its small overall footprint requirement.


  • 10Gb/s full duplex bandwidth for servers and storage
  • Industry-leading throughput and latency performance
  • Virtualization acceleration
  • Converged fabric with high performance networking and storage access
  • Software compatible with standard TCP/UDP/IP and iSCSI stacks
  • Small PCB footprint
  • Single chip architecture
  • Integrated CX4, XFI and backplane PHY interfaces
  • No local memory needed
  • Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • PCI Express 2.0 (up to 5GT/s)
  • RDMA over Converged Ethernet
  • Data Center Bridging support
  • T11.3 FC-BB-5 FCoE
  • TCP/IP stateless offload in hardware
  • Traffic steering across multiple cores
  • Hardware-based I/O virtualization
  • Advanced Quality of Service

Optimal Price/Performance

The NIC-6801AF-SFP10G removes I/O bottlenecks that are limiting application performance in mainstream servers. Servers supporting PCI Express 2.0 with 5GT/s will be able to fully utilize both 10Gb/s ports, balancing the I/O requirement of these high-end servers. Hardware-based stateless offload engines handle the TCP/UDP/IP segmentation, reassembly, and checksum calculations that would otherwise burden the host processes. Wake on LAN feature provide the ultimate power saving mode for unutilized server, to fully optimize the operational cost. Total cost of ownership is optimized by maintaining an end-to-end Ethernet network on existing operating systems and applications.

Integrated CX4, KX4, XFI and KR PHYs reduce the number of components required. This in turn reduces the power, board space, and complexity of the system compared to other solutions. Each port is independently configured, increasing the options available to OEMs.

Converged Ethernet

The NIC-6801AF-SFP10G delivers the features needed for a converged network with support for Data Center Bridging (DCB). T11 compliant FCoE support with full hardware offloads simplifies the storage network while keeping existing Fibre Channel targets. IBTA RoCE technology provides efficient RDMA services, delivering low-latency and high performance to bandwidth and latency sensitive applications. With link-level interoperability in existing Ethernet infrastructure, Network Administrators can leverage existing data center fabric management solutions.

I/O Virtualization

The NIC-6801AF-SFP10G provides dedicated adapter resources and guaranteed isolation and protection for virtual machines (VM) within the server. The NIC-6801AF-SFP10G gives data center managers better server utilization and LAN and SAN unification while reducing costs power, and complexity.

Quality of Service

Resource allocation per application or per VMis provided and protected by the advanced QoS supported by The NIC-6801AF-SFP10G. Service levels for multiple traffic types can be based on IETF DiffServ or IEEE 802.1p/Q allowing system administrators to prioritize traffic by application, virtual machine, or protocol. This powerful combination of QoS and prioritization provides the ultimate fine-grained control of traffic ensuring that applications run smoothly in todays complex environments.

Software Support

The NIC-6801AF-SFP10G is supported by a full suite of software drivers for Microsoft Windows, Linux distributions, VMware and Citrix XENServer. ConnectX-2 EN supports stateless offload and is fully interoperable with standard TCP/UDP/IP stacks. ConnectX-2 EN supports various management interfaces and has a rich set of configuring and management tools across operating systems.



  • IEEE Std 802.3ae 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • IEEE Std 802.3ak 10GBASE-CX4
  • IEEE Std 802.3ap Backplanes, including FEC
  • IEEE Std 802.3ad Link Aggregation and Failover
  • IEEE Std 802.1Q VLAN tags, .1p Priorities
  • IEEE P802.1au D2.0 Congestion Notification
  • IEEE P802.1az D0.2 Enhanced Transmission Selection
  • IEEE P802.1bb D1.0 Priority-based Flow Control
  • Jumbo frame support (10KB)
  • 128 MAC/VLAN addresses per port


  • TCP/UDP/IP checksum offload
  • TCP Large Send(<64KB) or Giant Send (64KB-16MB) Offload for segmentation
  • Receive Side Scaling (RSS) up to 32 queues
  • Line rate packet filtering


  • RDMA over Converged Ethernet
  • FC checksup offload
  • VMDirect Path support
  • Traffic steering across multiple cores
  • Intelligent interrupt coalescence
  • Compliant to Microsoft RSS and NetDMA


  • Single-Root IOV
  • Address translation and protection
  • Dedicated adapter resources and guaranteed isolation
  • Multiple queues per virtual machine
  • Hardware switching between guest OSs
  • Enhanced QoS for vNICs
  • VMware NetQueue Support


  • T11.3 FC-BB-5 FCoE


  • Remote boot over Ethernet
  • Remote boot over iSCSI


  • PCIe Base 2.0 compliant, 1.1 compatible
  • 2.5GT/s or 5.0GT/s link rate x8
  • Auto-negotiates to x8, x4, x2, or x1
  • Support for MSI/MSI-X mechanisms


  • Interoperable with 10GigE switches and routers
  • Drives copper cables, fiber optic modules, or ackplanes


  • Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES),Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and other inux distributions
  • Microsoft Windows, Server 2003 / 2008, CCS 003
  • VMware ESX Server 3.5, vSphere 4.0/4.1
  • Citrix XenServer 4.1, 5.0, 5.5


  • MIB, MIB-II, MIB-II Extensions, RMON,RMON 2
  • Configuration and diagnostic tools
  • NC-SI

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