Armored Fiber Patch Cables

Armored fiber patch cable, just as its name implies, is a kind of fiber optic cable wrapped a layer of protective "armor" outside. The "armor" is mainly used for protecting fiber optic cable against rodent, moisture and other requirements.

In the design of armored fiber patch cable, the outer sleeve provides protection against solvents, abrasion and etc. This outer sleeve is usually made of plastic such as polyethylene. The next layer between the sleeve and the inner jacket is an armoring layer of materials that are quite difficult to cut, chew, and burn, for example, steel tape and aluminum foil. This armoring material also prevents the fiber cable being stretched during cable installation. Then the Ripcord, Ripcords are usually provided directly under the armoring and the inner sleeve to aid in stripping the layer for splicing the cable to connectors or terminators. The inner jacket is a protective and flame retardant material to support the inner fiber cable bundle. The inner fiber cable bundle includes strength members, fillers and other structures to support the fibers inside. There are usually a central strength member to support the whole fiber cable. In simple terms, in the armored version, the buffered tubes are surrounded by a layer of aramid yarn, an inner polyethylene jacket, and a layer of corrugated steel armor. An overall black medium density polyethylene jacket with ripcords is featured on the version.

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