Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Fiber optic patch cable is a fiber optic cable terminated with fiber optic connectors on both ends. It is used for linking the equipment and components in fiber optic network, also known as fiber optic jumper, fiber optic patch cord, fiber optic patch lead etc. There are many kinds of fiber optic patch cables with different types of connectors, such as LC, FC, SC, ST, MU, MTRJ and E2000 etc.

Fiber optic patch cables can be classfied by different parameters of fiber optic cables: According to the materials of cable, there are PVC, Riser, Plenum, OFNR, OFNP, LSZH etc. patch cables. According to the cores of optical fiber, there are simplex and duplex patch cables. Simplex fiber patch cable consists of a single fiber, while duplex fiber patch cable consists of two fibers. According to the modes of optical fiber, there are single mode and multimode patch cables. Generally, single mode patch cables are yellow with 9/125µm fiberglass, while multimode patch cables are orange with OM1 62.5/125µm or OM2 50/125µm fiberglass. In addition, multimode patch cables also include OM3 and OM4 types.

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