Single Fiber 10/100M Fiber Media Converter Module, 1-port Fiber & 1-port RJ45, Tx:1310nm/Rx:1550nm, Singlemode, 20km

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The 10/100M Fiber Media Converter Module is designed to make conversion between 100Base-FX to 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet. With SNMP agent and web-based management, the network administrator can logon the converter to monitor, configure and control the activity of each port. In addition, the converter implements bandwidth rating management capability via the intelligent software. The overall network management is enhanced, and the network efficiency is also improved to accommodate and deliver high bandwidth applications.

The converter is completely transparent when connected so the network performs exactly the way it did before - only now, it allows the co-existence of both copper and fiber mediums. Added flexibility is available with SC, ST, FC and WDM Simplex SC connectors. Extra distances are possible with the single mode version delivering up to 120km connectivity per transmitted segment.


  • Complies with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3xauto-negotiation
  • Extends distances ranging from 2km (multi-mode fiber) to120km (single mode fiber)
  • Supporting Hot Pluggable
  • Optional 19' System Chassis (FMC-CHAS-16) holds up to 16 Media Converters 
  • Auto-negotiation of duplex(HDX/FDX) on RJ-45 port
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X support on RJ-45 port
  • Max. 2046 bytes packet at store-and-forward mode; Max. 9K bytes packet at cut-through mode support on RJ-45 port
  • Rate Limit function, 32Kbps
  • Supporting Loopback, precisely locating the failure,convenient for link test
  • Supporting LFP, quickly locates the failure
  • Supporting remote power off alarming
  • Economical management function within bandwidth
  • Supporting Remote management
  • Easy installation with complete LED indicators for workingsituation
  • With powerful network management function, supporting WEBand SNMP


Interface1 x Ethernet port (RJ45) 10/100Base-Tx
Ÿ1 x Optical port (1x9) 100Base-Fx
Optical PortWavelength: Tx:1310nm/Rx:1550nm, Singlemode
ŸTransfer Distance: up to 20km;
ŸConnectors: SC/PC, ST/PC, FC/PC optional
Ethernet PortAvailable speed: force 10 Mbps, force 100 Mbps and auto-detective 10/100Mbps Full-Duplex and Half-Duplex
ŸConnectors: RJ-45 Connector; MDI/MDI-X connectionauto-sensing
ŸIEEE802.3x(Flow control)
ŸSNMP v1/v2c(Simple Network Management Protocol)
LED IndicatorsPower Status, Speed Status, FX Link/Act, TX Link/Act
EnvironmentalLimitsOperating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
ŸStorage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
ŸOperating Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
ŸStorage Humidity: 5% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Agency ApprovalsFCC Part 15 of Class A & CE approved


1, High Density Fiber Distribution from UTP Switch Equipment at Corporate Headquarters

In this enterprise campus application, up to 16 Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converters are installed in the FMC-CHAS-16 Media Converter Chassis. A remote fiber enabled Ethernet switch is connected directly to the central Converter Chassis. A standalone 10/100M Media Converter converts the fiber to Ethernet in a fiber-to-desktop application. Another 10/100M Fiber Media Converter is connected to a remote office Ethernet switch. In all cases, multimode or single-mode fiber can be used. Fiber links can be extended up to 120km using single-mode fiber.

2, Extend the network distance between two twisted pair switches

Two Fast Ethernet Media Converters can extend the distance between UTP Switches across a fiber link up to 120km in length.

3, Interconnect a UTP Switch with a Fiber Switch

A media converter can interconnect a UTP copper based Switch port to a remote switch that has integrated fiber.

4, Fast Ethernet UTP Switch to File Server

Extend the network distance between switches and file servers Two Fast Ethernet Media Converters can extend the distance between UTP Switches and remote file servers across fiber links up to 120km in length.

5, Direct Connection between two remote devices

With a pair of Fast Ethernet Media Converters two devices, such as file servers, can be connected up to 120Km away across a fiber link.

6, Enterprise Infrastructure using Fiber Optics

Create a fiber infrastructure for your enterprise network without any wholesale replacement of existing copper-based equipment.